With our growing reliance on technology, protecting ourselves online is becoming increasingly important. Cyber threats can come from anywhere, targeting any level of your organization. From phishing scams to private-information-stealing malware, the sophistication of cyber-attacks is growing. Being attacked leads to detrimental economic, reputational, and regulatory costs for your organization. Our goal is to help prevent these attacks instead of reacting to them in the form of damage control. We offer cybersecurity services in these forms of penetration testing:

• Internal
• External
• Web Application
• Wireless
• Social Engineering
• Physical
• Vulnerability Assessment


There are certain cybersecurity rules that online platforms need to abide by, especially in the finance, healthcare, and retail sectors where you are dealing with an abundance of non-public personal information. We can help you assess the gaps between your current setup and what you need legally. We can also find vulnerabilities in your system and provide you with reports that address its weaknesses and advise changes. We offer advisory services in these forms:

• Compliance Readiness
• Security and Network Assessments
If you would like to take the preventative measures further, we are happy to help you implement, manage, and evolve your system. We can help bridge the gap between the assessments and the types of threats currently attacking your system. We are happy to assist you by providing managed services:
• Managed Security and Infrastructure





Cyber Security